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Whether you are moving out for some time or want to store your auctioned items, the need of storage services in Victor can catch you anytime. But the good news is that White Gloves Moving has got you covered with our one-on-one personalized service.

Why You Should Choose Us?

White Gloves Moving has been continuously striving to maintain its ritual of having the cleanest and highest quality self-storage facilities in the entire region. Our technology-driven mechanism provides the most convenient and hassle-free service our customers will love to experience. Our welcoming atmosphere and astronomical customer service strongly hold back the customers.

How Does It Work

At White Gloves Moving, you will be inspired by our exceptional service modified to ensure 100% client satisfaction.
Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

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Safety Code

Your personal access code will instantaneously open the gate and disarms the door alarm on your unit. Upon leaving, your access code again opens the gate and re-arms your unit door alarm.
To ensure security around your belongings, security fences are mounted.

Video Monitoring

Motion activated recording cameras work to monitor all public areas of the property. They will be creating a record of on-site activities 24/7.


We allow easy and anytime (either it is dry, wet, cold, melting hot, day or night) assess to see or pick-up your belongings.
We also allow you to set-up automatic payments for worry-free, timely payments.

We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

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We protect your belongings with units that automatically maintain temperature. To maximize security and safety, we have a smoke or fire alarm system in our storage services in Victor, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, all our units have cylinder locks, and you get all the keys.
We don’t take risks and therefore have complete pest & moisture control.
Our coordinators use environmentally friendly deterrents to keep microbes and rodents away from your unit. A deep floor slab water barrier prevents ground dampness from entering.

Assembly Service

In addition to providing excellent Storage Services in Victor, we also deal with packing and unpacking of materials, either it is local moving or commercial relocation. When you are done with packing and unloading, unpacking and settling of the belonging needs are other levels of care. We at White Gloves Moving serve you with your commendable settling service. We organize your home according to your wish, making it a beautiful and recognized place to live-in. While doing Packing and unpacking in Hilton, we follow all the precautions set by the state to stay protected from known symptoms of COVID-19. This way, we ensure the health and safety of you and your family.
Need the help of competent Movers in Henrietta? Without any second thought, give your words to White Gloves Moving.

Let Us Move You

Whether you are looking for a storage service, want to shift your piano safely, or need comprehensive packing & unpacking of your goods, speak to White Gloves Moving. We are known for providing exactly what you wish. Put us on a test today by calling at: (866) 482-9903. We will be more than happy to answer your queries at;
Have a happy move!
Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

(585) 448-4519

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    We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

    (585) 448-4519