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Long distance moving can be a bit scary. But you don’t need to worry because White Gloves Moving has got you covered with the supreme service of long distance moving in Victor. Trust us! You will love it!

Why Choose Us ?

Based in Liverpool, we have been serving the people of the entire United Kingdom for many years. Our family-owned has built an unshakable trust on the esteemed clients. With our certified movers, we offer guaranteed satisfaction for any kind of moving, either commercial, residential, etc.

Fair Price

Fulfilled service is based on an upfront commitment that comes through competitive rates. We at White Gloves Moving pride itself on providing a service of this standard that wins the heart of the owners.

Residential Mover

With convenience and reliability, our crew is able to move your Victor household to any local, long distance, or international destination without any damage.

Commercial Moving

Our professionals can help you move corner stores and major corporations alike with the lowest interruption.

International Moving

We feel blessed while announcing that our full-range service can offer you packing, unpacking, and customs clearance assistance that will simplify your journey from start to end.


White Gloves Moving allows you to store your residential or commercial items as long as necessary in our weather-resistant 40,000 square foot warehouses.

Logistics Mover

With us, you can move any item anywhere in the world.

Specialized Movers

We are all in one. Our registered movers can help you load and unload appliances, furniture, equipment and more swiftly and safely.

Trustworthy Service

Being a resolute mover is very important because when moving, you surely want to trust someone who can benefit you, by all means, i.e., pricing, quality, and security. Our expert movers are trained to serve you beyond your expectations. Thus, you can rely on us without any fear.

Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

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We are Committed

Our motto is quality service that ensures your satisfaction at any cost. When you pay our expert agents to help you with your long-distance move, you should stay confident that you will be getting the best value for your money. We know many moving companies that load customers’ goods in one truck or trailer, making multiple pick-ups and drop-off stops. This is because they intend to make maximum money in the shortest time, putting clients’ satisfaction and goods’ safety on back.
The great news is that White Gloves Moving entertains one client at a time so that the highest level of service can be achieved. When you rely on our long distance moving in Victor, you rest assured that your belongings will be handled with proper care by our proficient and skilled experts.

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Let Us Move You

Whether you are looking for a storage service, want to shift your piano safely, or need comprehensive packing & unpacking of your goods, speak to White Gloves Moving. We are known for providing exactly what you wish. Put us on a test today by calling at: (866) 482-9903. We will be more than happy to answer your queries at;

Have a happy move!

We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

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    We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

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