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At White Gloves Moving, We have trusted movers and packers. Since 2012, we have been providing up to mark services. We are here for both commercial and residential relocation tasks. Let’s move your belongings by consulting with the local moving companies in Boca Raton, FL. Our movers remain conscious about the safety of your goods during your relocation projects.

We Specialize In

When you’re in need of Moving Company, don’t hesitate to contact White Gloves Moving.

Fine Arts Moving

Our movers are trained for relocation the finer things of your lives. We provide services for moving the large artwork, expensive collections, ancient artefacts, vintage instrument, one-of-a-kind sculptures and designer furniture. Call White Gloves Moving today for getting quality fine art moving service at a reasonable price.
Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

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Pianos Moving

Our reputed company has the best equipment and boxes for pianos moving. We use safer techniques to make your pianos moving easier and secure. Under our supervision, your piano will move with care and love.

We provide door to door professional piano moving services. Our movers, staff, and chauffeurs maintain professional customer service and quality of objects during shifting. We will take care of your piano on every step of the moving project. The safe moving and handling of your pianos is our business.

Local Moving

Moving is the dusky task, either it is within the country or outside it.  We are expert in moving your objects for a few miles and to the longer distance. Our movers follow the same techniques either you need short or long distance moving. We provide reliability and consistency to all of our customers.

Long Distance

At White Gloves Moving our movers take long-distance shifting seriously. From the sorting of the goods to the unloading of the objects at your new home, our professional provide detailed planning for every moving process.  So, we make your moving as smoother as we can.

We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

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Why Keep Us Your Priority?

Moving companies in Boca Raton FL are ones that you deserve. If you have very less timeframe, we are responsible for doing the relocation that meets the deadlines.

Besides, we don’t try to be glamorous, but yes, we strive to be approachable and simpler. We have faith in true commitments that clients can trust without any hesitation. We have a big aim to keep an endless relationship with our potential customers by providing excellent moving amenities.

Are you looking for in Boca Raton FL Moving Company? Visit our platform to get the cheaper moving services. We work very professionally and systematically. Our packing materials, wraps, tapes, cartons, etc., are in huge quantity and latest.

So, regardless of the weight of moving objects, we serve you with quick and reliable services. We are highly recommended services. We pride ourselves on our stuffing because it separates us from the rest.

Let Us Move You

Whether you are looking for a storage service, want to shift your piano safely, or need comprehensive packing & unpacking of your goods, speak to White Gloves Moving. We are known for providing exactly what you wish. Put us on a test today by calling at: (866) 482-9903. We will be more than happy to answer your queries at;
Have a happy move!
Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

(585) 448-4519

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    We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

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