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Moving? Cannot pack? Need help? We are here to cover you. White Gloves Moving has a team of animated and talented Fort Lauderdale FL Local Movers.

Why Always White Gloves Moving?

We are working as a one-stop shop for all those businesses or homeowners who want small or large moving service or are looking for a storage facility. We have the accurate tools and bio-degradable material for packing of your stuff so that it can play a role in saving the environment. We are cheaper than anyone else and provide top quality service.

Prompt Service

We have a large fleet of dollies, vans, and trucks. We also have a huge network of operators. So when you call us, you don’t need to think about hanging in the queue. We are quick and smooth at the same time. Upon your confirmation, we will be at your place without wasting a single minute.
Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

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Business Movers

White Gloves Moving has served many buildings in Fort Lauderdale FL. We understand that moving an office across the state is more daunting than being exciting. Therefore we have a proficient squad of moving coordinators who help you with the fast, delicate and comprehensive moving of your treasured belongings.

Residential Movers

Moving needs vary from home to home or owner to owner. White Gloves Moving has always taken pride in providing services to all families in different regions. No matter what the size of your move is or where you want to move to, i.e., interstate or interstate, our removalists are always here to stand with you.

Why are you getting worried about your moving need? Hollywood FL Local Movers from White Gloves Moving are just one call away from you.

Our Packers

The packing and unpacking of your possessions is a conclusive point between a wonderful and an awful moving journey if you haven’t been into moving or packaging before. Calling Fort Lauderdale FL Movers from White Gloves Moving will save you a lot of time and money. We have in-depth knowledge about the packaging materials, their usage and recycling. We make sure that they completely gel with advance technology and keep your items protected and sound all the way to your new location.

We use the following materials in our daily packing task;

We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

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Storage Service

Some people get new items from an auction, and they don’t have enough space to store them in their home. For such people, we have incredible storage services. Our warehouses are climate controlled, auspicious, and clean, so you rest assured that your precious belongings are under safe hands. Moreover, you can visit our warehouse anytime and take your stuff back at any moment. Make sure that you have talked to our customer representative already.

Let Us Move You

Whether you are looking for a storage service, want to shift your piano safely, or need comprehensive packing & unpacking of your goods, speak to White Gloves Moving. We are known for providing exactly what you wish. Put us on a test today by calling at: (866) 482-9903. We will be more than happy to answer your queries at; info@whiteglovesmoving.net.
Have a happy move!
Fully Licensed and insured White Gloves Moving offer a large range of services

(585) 448-4519

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    We provide Movers, Packing Services & Self Storage Services

    (585) 448-4519